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About Bag Shop NYC

Born and bred in East Harlem, NYC, Bag Shop NYC is a Black Woman/Latino owned brand who believes that making the switch to reusable bags should be easy, accessible, and affordable. Inspired by iconic New York City imagery, We aim to inspire our community to make the permanent switch to reusable bags. We hope to make a difference one reusable bag at a time!

I love that these nylon bags come on a keychain so I always have them with me, and the designs ode to takeout bags is an added plus for this Jersey girl who misses Brooklyn bodegas deeply.

Lauren Zupkus - Senior Social Media Produer @ Chowhound

I am always blown away of the quality of [Bag Shop NYC's] bags and how much better they are in person!

@Cheyntag (Instagram)

People love these so much. I've had to order a set 3 times in the past 5 months because my family keeps taking mines. Keep up the great work!

@XenoDevale (Twitter)